Ukraine Aid

REWE Group stands by Ukrainians' side

On this page we continuously inform about our measures and actions to support the people in Ukraine and refugees.

The entire REWE Group team is deeply affected and stunned by the war in Ukraine - a country in which it itself was present and active in food trading for many years until 2020.  We are determined to help quickly, effectively and reliably where support is most urgently needed. In the current situation, the companies of REWE Group are therefore contributing to the supply of people in need in Ukraine as well as refugees by providing food and other goods for daily needs on site.

We are using our capacities in Germany and Austria, but above all also in Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia as well as Italy and Croatia, and are providing food as well as drugstore and hygiene articles in order to help quickly, efficiently and in line with demand together with international aid organisations.

The supply of people in need in Ukraine is currently still mainly concentrated in the states on or near the border to Ukraine where REWE Group is active:

  • PENNY in Romania, Hungary and the Czech Republic,

  • BILLA in Bulgaria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic, and

  • IKI in Lithuania.

We provide urgently needed goods in these countries with correspondingly short lead times and transport routes - in close cooperation with the major international aid organisations, with most of which we already have a long-term partnership.  In addition, our country organisations provide further individual aid measures as needed - from donations in kind and appeals for donations to social support for the families of Ukrainian employees.

Red Cross fundraising - fast and proven help

Of course, we are also active in and from Germany and Austria: as first aid, trucks from relief organisations in Germany and Austria are already on their way to Ukraine and border regions with basic supply packages.

The Red Cross is providing humanitarian aid to both people in Ukraine and people arriving in neighbouring countries. In Germany and Austria, we are also preparing for the arrival of Ukrainians who have fled. Donations are needed for all of this. This is also supported by our colleagues in Germany and Austria as well as the company itself through specially set up donation accounts. Of course, these accounts can also be used by anyone who would like to contribute to the Ukraine aid of REWE Group and the Red Cross.

In addition, the arrival of refugees arriving in Austria and Germany is accompanied in the form of packages for daily needs. In Vienna, among other things, goods vouchers will be handed over via the Ukrainian embassy as initial aid.

In addition, REWE Group and its companies, merchants and employees are involved in a wide range of initiatives by NGOs, clubs, associations and church communities at local and regional level.

All measures are constantly being developed, adapted to the respective needs in the country and - together with the employees and customers of REWE Group - continuously expanded.