The focus is on the regional living space where people live, work and are socially integrated. We are committed to maintaining its positive influence on the people who live there. A regional product range benefits farmers and businesses from the surrounding area and thus also the living space of our customers. At the same time, short transport routes and seasonality ensure a smaller ecological footprint.

100% organic

Ja! Natürlich

Ja! Natürlich was founded as the first Austrian organic brand in 1994. Breaking new ground is an essential part of our everyday lives. These special efforts make up the product variety of Ja! Natürlich. 80% of the organic products come from Austria. Wherever possible, both organic products and the raw materials for further processing are sourced from Austrian businesses. We only source products from abroad if they are not available in the highest organic quality in Austria.

Fresh from the region

Da komm' ich her!

With the own brand "Da komm' ich her!" (That's where I come from!), you can trust that the products are grown in the nearest regions of Austria, harvested with love and carefully packaged. By offering exclusively regional products, "Da komm' ich her!" promotes the development and preservation of local regions. You can also see exactly which region a particular product comes from.

Strengthening domestic agriculture

100% fresh meat from Austria

ILLA is the only food retailer in Austria to offer only fresh meat 100% from Austria. This step contributes to the strengthening of domestic agriculture and means top quality and true enjoyment.

Regional products for every day

Ich bin Österreich

Meat and sausage, dairy products, fruit, vegetables, non-alcoholic beverages and frozen products from our PENNY own brand "Ich bin Österreich!" (I am Austria) are of national origin. Well-known Austrian producers ensure that a wide range of delicacies hits the shelves every day.