International sales formats

REWE International AG in Central and Eastern Europe

From BILLA in Bulgaria to PENNY in Hungary: the quality we offer is appreciated everywhere. In addition to Austria, REWE International AG is successfully represented in eight other European countries.

BILLA Bulgaria

винаги до вас – Always by your side

Regional products and own brands: this is what customers of BILLA Bulgaria appreciate. They can choose fruit and vegetables which are locally produced at BILLA Gardens. In addition, 129 different own brands are offered – Billa Bio, Billa Gardens and the discount brand Clever. The BILLA Card ensures advantages for over 1 million members when they go shopping. BILLA has been present in Bulgaria for more than 20 years. The company offers a secure job to about 4,500 employees in its 129 branches and also trains young workers. BILLA Bulgaria supports the local economy and society. One example: the initiative "BILLA wants you" creates future prospects for people in the country.

BILLA Slowakia

Kvalita pre každého – Quality for everyone

Modern, friendly and well-stocked: this is how the BILLA shops in Slovakia present themselves. The regional and local products stand out in addition to the extensive range for daily needs. There is also a range of own brands such as Slovenska farma or the discount brand Clever, which is constantly being added to. Almost half of the products come from the country itself. BILLA has been present in Slovakia for 27 years. The company operates over 150 branches there. And BILLA Slovakia is one of the largest employers, with more than 4,500 employees. Doing business sustainably and reducing energy consumption is a declared goal. By 2025, the lighting in all branches will be converted to LED bulbs.

BILLA Tschechien

BILLA Czech Republic

Když jde o jídlo, myslíme na vše – When it comes to food, we think of everything

A large selection of fresh products: this strength is the reason for the success of BILLA Czech Republic. Add to this the modern shop design, customer proximity and a dedicated team. The company was one of the first to establish itself in the competitive market of international food retailers in the Czech Republic. BILLA has been present in the Czech market since 1991. With a turnover of over 1 billion euros per year, the company is BILLA's flagship in Central and Eastern Europe. BILLA Czech Republic operates more than 230 branches and has over 6,000 employees. Then there are the BILLA Stop&Shop locations: these enable customers to shop at more than 70 Shell petrol stations.

IKI Litauen

IKI Lithuania

Mes visi mylim maistą! – We all love food!

Goods from the local region: IKI Lithuania scores with many regional and local products. Customers can choose from over 11 high-quality own brands, including IKI, PAGAMINTA, BIO Village and Bon Via. With more than 1.2 million members, IKI operates the second largest benefits club in Lithuania. IKI has been present in the Baltic state since 1991. The company operates 229 branches and has around 5,800 employees. IKI Lithuania is one of the largest employers in the country, with around 1,500 trainees and apprentices. Another focus is climate protection: more than 85% of the branches in Lithuania are already energy efficient.

PENNY Italien


Basta un PENNY! – The dedicated quality-for-money guarantee

Passion, enthusiasm and professionalism: that is PENNY Italy's recipe for success. Customers appreciate the quality products at fair prices and the ability to shop quickly and easily. PENNY has been present in Italy since 1994. About 4,000 employees work in more than 385 branches and seven distribution centres. Italy is a growth market; further investments and new stores are planned for the future. Existing locations are also being modernised on an ongoing basis.

PENNY Rumänien

PENNY Romania

Știe Ce Ne Place – Simply knowing what Romania wants

Freshness, variety, organic products: PENNY Romania meets the needs of its customers and responds to current trends. The company has developed an attractive range of organic foods and promotes the consumption of organic products. The product range is supplemented weekly by limited special offers. PENNY has been present in Romania since 2001. The company operates 256 PENNY stores and has more than 4,400 employees. As an employer, PENNY Romania focuses on personal development and equal opportunities. Another focus is to continuously increase energy efficiency and conserve resources.

PENNY Tschechien

PENNY Czech Republic

Nakupujte Hezky Česky – The fresh neighbourhood discount

Finding things quickly instead of taking ages searching for them: this is what customers of PENNY Czech Republic can do down the aisles at PENNY. With the new store design, they are guided through exciting themed worlds. There you can find a wide range of top-quality and affordable Czech own brands such as Crip Crop, Dobré Maso, Řezníkův Talíř and Staročech. Since 1997, PENNY has been the market leader among discounters in the Czech Republic and PENNY's largest foreign market. The company operates 385 branches and has around 7,500 employees. Investments are currently being made in the modernisation of the locations, with a focus on environmental protection by reducing electricity consumption, for example.

PENNY Ungarn

PENNY Hungary

Okos megoldás – Simply the smart choice for those who want more for their money

From the region for the region: PENNY Hungary offers this advantage with many inexpensive and typical national products. Conscious living is also becoming increasingly important in Hungary. That is why a Well-Being Corner was set up in PENNY branches. There you can find such things as lactose- and gluten-free food, organic food and diabetic products. PENNY has been present in Hungary since 1996. The company operates 223 PENNY stores and has more than 4,200 employees. As an employer, PENNY Hungary also focuses on regionality: employees come predominantly from the neighbourhood of the branches. They are motivated and individually supported.

BIPA Croatia

Tvoja, BIPA – Individuality in care, beauty and well-being

Innovative and dynamic: from a small drugstore chain, BIPA has grown to become a brand that everyone in Croatia knows. Customers find great promotions here and can test concepts or product range trends that are suitable for the Austrian market and vice versa. The similarity between the two countries makes it possible to use the synergies to best advantage, also in terms of store layout and construction technology. BIPA Croatia employs around 760 people and has 125 branches throughout the country. Further expansion is planned. But the company offers much more than exquisite perfumes and cosmetics. One of BIPA Croatia's special concerns is to support women in a wide range of social roles.