Mission & Compliance

What distinguishes REWE International AG

As part of REWE Group, we want to improve the lives of our customers. We compete fairly, comply with the law and are reliable partners.

Our mission statement

Our mission is to work together for a better life. To achieve this, we as REWE International AG always provide the best services – for our customers, retailers and employees. The REWE Group Mission Statement affirms the common identity within the Group. This strengthens the lasting cohesion of our companies and brands and the people who work for us.

Our Compliance

It is crucial for the success of a company that all employees and managers share the same values. The Code of Conduct of REWE Group sets the standards for our conduct in business and in our dealings with each other. It gives us a sense of orientation and is obligatory for all of us.

Fair contract practices

REWE International AG has voluntarily registered with the Supply Chain Initiative (SCI) at EU level. This is our commitment to fair contract practices throughout the food supply chain. The focus is on safeguarding consumer interests, fairness and sustainability in supply.

Our ombudsman for you

REWE Group has appointed Munich lawyer Andreas von Máriássy as its external ombudsman. He accepts information from employees and third parties where there is a suspicion of criminal offences or other violations of laws and regulations (also internally). His focus is on the fight against corruption. If they wish, whistleblowers can remain anonymous. Use of the ombudsman is free of charge.

Contact the ombudsman