Press Release 3rd July 2024

Basketball fans, watch out: The first "BILLA 3x3 Grätzel Tour" starts in all districts of Vienna

The first "BILLA 3x3 Grätzel Tour" runs from 3 July to 25 August. The exciting basketball tournament series, which was launched by BILLA together with the Austrian Basketball Association, takes place on the iconic "Käfig courts" in Vienna and offers basketball players aged 10 to 14 in all districts the opportunity to put their skills to the test. Two special highlights of the tour are the events on 19 July 2024 in Lugner City and in the BILLA PLUS car park in Bergmillergasse.

The first

The first "BILLA 3x3 Grätzel Tour" starts in all districts of Vienna. / Copyright: © BILLA AG / Robert Harson - Abdruck zu redaktionellen Zwecken honorarfrei, Reproduction for PR purposes free of charge


Hamed Mohseni, BILLA Sales Director in Vienna and Lower Austria, emphasises the importance of the "Grätzel Tour" for BILLA: "With this series of events, we want to offer children and young people exciting and sporty leisure activities during the summer holidays. It is a pleasure for us to support the next generation of basketball players and offer them a platform for their talent. We are particularly proud to be present in all districts, as local roots in the neighbourhoods have always been particularly important to us."

Former basketball star on site at first tournament

Tickets for the "3x3 European Basketball Championship 2024", which will take place in Vienna from 22 to 25 August, will also be raffled off among all participants. The winners of the district tournaments will qualify for the final round on 25 August in the Prater, where the overall winners will be determined. Diana Picorusevic, project manager of the "BILLA 3x3 Grätzel Tour" at the Austrian Basketball Association, explains: "Our aim is to give children and young people the chance to play sport during the summer holidays and compete in a fair competition. Thanks to the great support of BILLA, we can offer the 'Grätzel Tour' in all of Vienna's districts and provide exciting basketball experiences." The first Grätzel tournament on 3 July at the Donaucity sports centre was also attended by former Austrian-Croatian basketball player Stjepan Stazic, who was delighted: "It is incredibly inspiring to see how much talent and enthusiasm the young basketball players show at this Grätzel tournament. Such events are crucial for the promotion of young talent and offer children and young people the opportunity to develop their skills and gain important experience. I am delighted that BILLA and the Austrian Basketball Association have organised this great event to support basketball in the districts of Vienna."

Registration for the respective tournaments is possible via online registration:

BILLA 3x3 neighbourhood tour - dates & locations (09:00-15:00)

- 03 July 2024, Sportcenter Donaucity (1220)

- 04 July 2024, Rudolf-Bednar-Park (1020)

- 05 July 2024, Ringelseeplatz (1210)

- 06 July 2024, Höhenfelsplatz (1120)

- 11 July 2024, Osterleitengasse (1190)

- 12 July 2024, Schönbornpark (1080)

- 13 July 2024, Kinkplatz (1130)

- 18 July 2024, Weghuberpark (1070)

- 19 July 2024, Lugner City (1150)

- 20 July 2024, Konstanziagasse (1220)

- 25 July 2024, Allerheiligenpark (1200)

- 26 July 2024, Türkenschanzpark (1180)

- 27 July 2024, Hauptbahnhof (1100)

- 08 August 2024, Arenbergpark (1030)

- 01 August 2024, Esterhazypark (1060)

- 02 August 2024, Lorenz Bayer Park (1170)

- 03 August 2024, Hyblerpark (1110)

- 09 August 2024, Margareten Gürtel (1050)

- 10 August 2024, Mildeplatz (1160)

- 16 August 2024, Anne-Karlsson Park (1090)

- 17 August 2024, Friedhof-Jansen Park (1230)