Press Release 7th November 2023

PENNY launches BEST MOMENTS product range in Austria

Starting November 9, PENNY's premium brand BEST MOMENTS will celebrate its premiere in Austria. From fine sweets such as macarons and truffle pralines to fine cheese platters, fine mushrooms and Christmas tea - the product portfolio includes 40 different products and will make gourmets' hearts beat faster. The limited edition BEST MOMENTS products are now available in all PENNY stores in Austria (while stocks last).

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Best Moments: Gourmet & inexpensive

During the Christmas period, many people focus on eating together. With the BEST MOMENTS launch, PENNY is creating culinary enjoyment at an affordable price for everyone.

"We are delighted that we are now adding the BEST MOMENTS products to our range in Austria. Our customers can look forward to very high-quality Christmas-themed products. And at the usual affordable PENNY price," said Mike Podobrin and Kai Pataky, Managing Director duo of PENNY Austria, commenting on the product launch.

That's why the motto is: Christmas for everyone. The product range includes lots of typical festive dishes for the Christmas table - from duck and goose breast to dumplings and various desserts in a jar.

Inspiration and recipe ideas at:

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Best Moments products at a glance:

Product mix: dry and fresh range incl. fruit & vegetables

Product portfolio in detail:

Best Moments duck and goose breast

Best Moments Serrano Gran Reserva

Best Moments desserts in a jar (various)

Best Moments dumplings

Best Moments Macarons

Best Moments cheese platter

Best Moments Cheddar mixed carton

Best Moments star rolls (various)

Best Moments rolled ribbon noodles

Best Moments Tuna

Best Moments Soft Nougat

Best Moments Fudge

Best Moments Christmas tea

Best Moments Fondue Chocolate

Best Moments Truffle Chocolates

Best Moments Rondello

Best Moments Mini Panettone

Best Moments fruit vinegars

Best Moments Italian Pasta

Best Moments Noble Mushrooms

Best Moments spice mills

Best Moments stock (vegetables & game)

Best Moments Clementines

Best Moments Plums

Best Moments Grapes

Best Moments Pomegranate