Press Release 9th November 2023

Second PFLANZILLA, new products, new prices - BILLA focuses on "Plant-based for all"

For 70 years, BILLA has demonstrated a pioneering spirit and impressed its customers with a wide range of innovations. For example, BILLA PFLANZILLA, the first purely plant-based store of a traditional food retailer, set new standards in the industry across Europe. Opened around a year ago, the store on Vienna's Mariahilfer Strasse has delighted over 150,000 customers to date. The success story continues: BILLA PFLANZILLA is moving into Graz city center and opening the doors to its new pop-up store at Joanneumring 16 on November 9. At the same time, customers can expect new prices in the Vegavita range in all BILLA and BILLA PLUS stores across Austria to make plant-based possible for everyone.

BILLA celebrates the opening of BILLA PFLANZILLA in Graz, on the opening day were (from left to right) Peter Gschiel, BILLA Sales Director in Styria, Verena Wiederkehr, BILLA Head of Plant-Based Business Development, Michael Paterno, BILLA Director of Consumer & Insights and Robert Nagele, BILLA Director of Real Estate

BILLA celebrates the opening of BILLA PFLANZILLA in Graz, on the opening day were (from left to right) Peter Gschiel, BILLA Sales Director in Styria, Verena Wiederkehr, BILLA Head of Plant-Based Business Development, Michael Paterno, BILLA Director of Consumer & Insights and Robert Nagele, BILLA Director of Real Estate / Copyright: © BILLA AG / Manfred Eibl, Abdruck zu redaktionellen Zwecken honorarfrei., Reproduction for PR purposes free of charge


Equal rights in the shopping bag: price reductions in the Vegavita range

BILLA's main goal is to make plant-based products affordable for all Austrians. So that it is not the price, but other factors such as taste and the conservation of resources that are decisive when buying food. As an industry pioneer, BILLA also wants to make its contribution here and is therefore adjusting the price of over 20 items from its own plant-based brand Vegavita to comparable products of animal origin. In future, these will be available at the same price as their animal counterparts - in addition to the 30 or so Vegavita products that have an animal counterpart at the same or lower price.

"We want to make affordable, plant-based enjoyment possible for all customers. Especially flexitarians**, who are always integrating plant-based options into their diet. Unfortunately, however, many plant-based products are still more expensive than comparable animal products for various reasons - items such as plant-based milk continue to be tax-disadvantaged and plant-based start-ups hardly have the opportunity to keep up with established market players in terms of price at the beginning of their production. More equality in the shopping bag is needed immediately. That is why we have now matched the prices of all products from our own plant-based Vegavita brands that have an animal counterpart*. This means that over 50 Vegavita products are now at the same price level or even cheaper than their animal counterparts," says Verena Wiederkehr, BILLA Head of Plant-Based Business Development.

All Vegavita products that are added to the BILLA and BILLA PLUS shelves in the future and have an animal counterpart will automatically be placed at the same price level or, if possible, offered at a lower price.

BILLA PFLANZILLA in Graz inspires with plant-based variety of over 2,000 products

The BILLA PFLANZILLA in Graz offers around 110 m2 of space for more than 2,000 plant-based items - such as plant-based meat, sausage and dairy products, frozen goods, snacks, baked goods and confectionery. Basic products for plant-based dishes such as pulses, grains, seeds, nuts, but also sauces, spices and muse are available. There is also a purely plant-based selection of delicacies, homemade pastries and ready-to-eat dishes. At the nut press, customers can make their own organic hazelnut chocolate cream and at the unpackaged station, they can fill their own bulk food, such as various nuts, as required. As in Vienna's PFLANZILLA, the store's design is based on the gorilla - the strongest animal in the jungle that eats a purely plant-based diet. To mark the opening, tastings of popular plant-based brands such as Bettafish, Goldblatt, Heura, Plant Magic and Green Mountain will be held in the store over the coming weeks up to and including mid-December.

Peter Gschiel, BILLA Sales Director in Styria, is delighted: "We are delighted to open the second BILLA PFLANZILLA right in the heart of Graz, between the River Mur and the ever-busy Jakominiplatz. Residents of the city and surrounding area are offered a great place to go for purely plant-based enjoyment. The assortment ranges from an essential basic range to popular classics and new innovations from young, up-and-coming start-ups, local entrepreneurs and visionary pioneers who are rethinking the topic of plant-based. The team at the new BILLA PFLANZILLA is happy to provide advice and assistance with every purchase."

BILLA PLUS offers Austria's largest plant-based range - and is being supplemented by "PFLANZILLA Worlds"

It is not only in the two flagship projects, the PFLANZILLA stores in Vienna and Graz, that BILLA wants to offer its customers pure plant-based enjoyment and showcase the constantly growing range of plant-based products. The variety already on offer in the stores also invites customers to try them. With around 7,000 plant-based products, BILLA PLUS has the largest purely plant-based range in Austria. In selected BILLA PLUS locations, the range will be extended by a separate "PFLANZILLA World" from the end of November. This will include around 150 new products and tasting winners, most of which were previously only available at BILLA PFLANZILLA. Customers will find these in their own, easily recognizable themed areas in the store.

* The comparison is made with BILLA's own brands with the exception of "Clever". If no comparable own-brand product is available, a comparable product from a third-party brand is used as a basis. The product price comparisons refer to the basic price per 100 g or per liter. Promotional prices are not taken into account.

** According to the latest Smart Protein Study (n = 750 people), 37 percent of Austrians are flexitarians, five percent are vegetarians and five percent eat a purely plant-based diet. The last figure is particularly interesting.