Press Release 17th May 2024

‘Biodiversity makes our region unique’: ADEG campaign creates habitat for native bees and makes regions blossom

All animal and plant species as well as fungi and microorganisms that occur within a habitat characterise the biodiversity of a region. However, many ecosystems are under massive threat from the human way of life. ADEG would like to draw attention to this worrying development and is therefore launching its own campaign around Biodiversity Day.

ADEG saleswoman Christine Neumair from Kaprun (Zell am See district)

ADEG saleswoman Christine Neumair from Kaprun (Zell am See district) / Copyright: © REWE/Neumayr. Abdruck zu redaktionellen Zwecken honorarfrei., Reproduction for PR purposes free of charge


Biodiversity is a top priority at ADEG, as it is a decisive factor for healthy habitats and local products, and ADEG is using a new campaign to draw attention to the unique nature of the regions in Austria and focus on the protection and preservation of flora and fauna. On Biodiversity Day on 22 May, free seed bags* will be distributed in all participating ADEG stores to create new habitats for bees on up to 64,000 m2 and make the regions bloom, because: Every square metre makes a difference when it comes to safeguarding biodiversity!

After all, food has its origins in the animal and plant world, which is influenced by numerous factors. For the campaign, ADEG relies on the involvement of its independent retailers, who make an important contribution to safeguarding biodiversity in their regions. Their regional roots in Austria's communities make ADEG merchants an indispensable component, both as reliable local suppliers and as sustainable stewards of the land, people, animals and plants.

Bee sponsorships at ADEG

ADEG saleswoman Christine Neumair from Kaprun (Zell am See district) has long been committed to local bees. ‘The top priority must be to protect bees and secure their habitat. In recent years, the number of bee colonies has been decimated by massive cuts to their habitat. This is causing lasting damage to nature and the entire ecosystem. The flowers of various plants and shrubs are no longer pollinated and no fruit is produced. However, these fruits serve as an important food source for various animals and also want to be harvested by humans,’ explains the ADEG saleswoman. To protect the bees, Christine Neumair has taken on sponsorships for ten bee colonies at the ‘Honigerlebnis Hinteregger’ apiary in Störblitz (Scheibbs district): ‘A bee sponsorship not only benefits the bees, it also helps to preserve the ecosystem. It is a matter close to my heart to be able to make a contribution to the industrious bees and nature. The honey from our own bees is available at our ADEG store,’ says Christine Neumair.

Every contribution makes a difference!

Their work is worth its weight in gold. By pollinating flowers, local bees make an indispensable contribution to the preservation of ecosystems and at the same time give us the best regional honey. For this reason, ADEG would like to set an example: On the occasion of Biodiversity Day on 22 May, free seed bags* will be distributed to customers in all participating ADEG stores. ‘With our biodiversity project, we are supporting all those who want to give bees and flowers a habitat and provide a piece of meadow. This closes the cycle with our customers - because when everyone makes a small contribution, we make our regions bloom and at the same time create better living conditions for bees and insects,’ REWE Wholesale Managing Director Jürgen Öllinger is convinced. If all the seeds handed out are scattered by ADEG customers, around 64,000 square metres of new habitat will be created for local bees.

*Free seed bags are available on 22 May 2024 with every purchase in all participating ADEG stores (can be found at - while stocks last.