Press Release 2nd May 2024

BIPA & City of Vienna expand “Red Box” initiative against period poverty

The “Red Box” - an initiative by BIPA and the City of Vienna - was launched with great success in October 2023 with the aim of creating free access to menstrual products for people living in poverty.

f.l.t.r.: Markus Geyer, Kathrin Gaál (Deputy Mayor and City Councillor for Women), Peter Hacker (Vienna City Councillor for Health and Social Affairs)

f.l.t.r.: Markus Geyer, Kathrin Gaál (Deputy Mayor and City Councillor for Women), Peter Hacker (Vienna City Councillor for Health and Social Affairs) / Copyright: BIPA / Robert Harson, Reproduction for PR purposes free of charge


Every quarter, people who need support receive a booklet of vouchers for free period products in social markets, youth centers and women's health centers, among others. The vouchers can be redeemed in all BIPA stores in Vienna for “Red Box” products from the BIPA brand BI COMFORT.

BIPA handed over a 5,000 euro donation check to the Mama-Baby-Sozialraum at the start of the project

BIPA sent a strong signal of social responsibility at the start of the project in fall 2023: a donation cheque worth 5,000 euros was handed over to the Mama-Baby-Sozialraum (MaBa) of Diakonie Eine Welt Sozialdienst. “With our donation, we are supporting women at risk of poverty who receive help for themselves and their children in this important social facility. Interpreter-supported workshops for knowledge transfer are an important part of this. We are delighted that we were able to make a contribution to this with our donation,” says BIPA Managing Director Markus Geyer.

“Thanks to BIPA's generous donation, we were able to offer the women who come to MaBa native-language and interpreter-supported workshops on the topic of the female body and menstruation in addition to the vouchers,” explains Teresa Bodner, Head of MaBa.

During “Red Month” in March, weekly workshops on period education were held in the open social space. Workshop participant Maryam, who comes from the Somali community, summarizes the importance of these workshops for the women: “It's important to hear more about our cycle because we don't talk about it in our home country.”

Now even more distribution points for “Rote Box” voucher booklets

Every month, numerous people are affected by period poverty and take advantage of the “Red Box” voucher booklets, which have been distributed at designated points in Vienna since the end of last year. With the voucher booklets, people with limited financial means receive free period products, the specially designed “Red Box” tampons and pads from the BIPA brand BI COMFORT, which can be collected free of charge from all BIPA stores in Vienna.

“The free ‘Red Box’ should reach girls and women even better. For this reason, the number of cooperation partners handing out voucher booklets has been increased. In the women's survey 'Wien, wie sie will', Viennese women asked for free period products. The 'Red Box' is therefore an initiative that responds specifically to the wishes of Viennese women. The important thing is that no woman or girl should be faced with the question of whether she can afford tampons and pads. This is a basic need. That's why the 'Red Box' is such an important and right measure,” says Deputy Mayor and City Councillor for Women Kathrin Gaál.

In addition to youth centers, the women's health centers FEM, FEM Süd and the First Love counseling centers, the voucher booklets are now also being distributed in the new women's health center FEM Med in Favoriten, in facilities for the homeless and people with disabilities as well as various social counseling centers. The Grätzl centers of the housing partners also hand out voucher booklets to girls and women who need them.

“The City of Vienna is taking many measures to combat poverty. The 'Red Box' and the cooperation with BIPA are a good example of how we are also breaking new ground. The voucher booklets can be redeemed easily and without stigmatization and I am pleased that they have been so well received,” says City Councillor for Health and Social Affairs Peter Hacker about the cooperation with BIPA.

For Markus Geyer, Managing Director of BIPA, the “Red Box” is also an important contribution to more equality in the health sector and he states: “Access to period products should not be dependent on financial circumstances. We at BIPA are proud to make an important contribution to the fight against period poverty together with the City of Vienna and through our BIPA brand BI COMFORT products.”

At BIPA, all customers also receive support every day: if needed at short notice, a free period product from the BI COMFORT brand can be picked up at one of around 600 BIPA stores throughout Austria. Period products are also available free of charge to all BIPA employees during their working hours. If BIPA customers would like to make a contribution to this project, they can buy “Red Box” products, as BIPA donates 50 cents of the proceeds to a project against period poverty.

All information and locations where voucher booklets are available: