Press Release 29th May 2024

NEW: Limited OXXENKRACHERL football edition for the summer

This summer, PENNY is reviving the legendary cheering cry of Eduard ‘Edi’ Finger Senior - Austrian sports journalist and commentator - and printing it on the brand new OXXENKRACHERL edition. With ‘I werd narrisch!’, PENNY celebrates the upcoming football season with its customers in the flavour grape-peach-melon. The refreshing, summery edition is now available in all Austrian PENNY stores for €0.49.

Enjoy the summer to the maximum with PENNY and the OXXENKRACHERL.

Enjoy the summer to the maximum with PENNY and the OXXENKRACHERL. / Copyright: © PENNY / Paul Breuss - Abdruck zu redaktionellen Zwecken honorarfrei, Reproduction for PR purposes free of charge


PENNY's own brand OXXENKRACHERL has been a success story since 2011. As a bestseller on the shelves, the cool energy drink is a permanent fixture in every store. Rich in invigorating caffeine, taurine and vitamins, this small can is both energising and refreshing. In addition to changing limited editions, the OXXENKRACHERL range includes the long-running favourites ‘Regular’, ‘Zero Calories’ and the fruity ‘Coconut Blueberry’ variety launched in 2018.

Whether as a sundowner on warm summer evenings, for a football match or as a refreshment during a barbecue: OXXENKRACHERL Grape-Peach-Melon is the perfect drink to energise your party. "With the new limited edition, we are launching the ultimate kick for all football fans. It's the perfect blend of flavour and energy to intensely experience the excitement and passion of 90 minutes of football. We are looking forward to supporting and inspiring the fans in the new season,’ says Kai Pataky, Managing Director of PENNY.

Also new in the PENNY app: With the PENNY Supaaa! Kick. Raffle, simply score goals, win one of 210,000 prizes or the main prize of €500 for the next barbecue party. From 29 May to 14 July, the football season will also kick off in the PENNY APP. During this period, the PENNY Supaaa! Kick. Raffle is a chance to win great prizes. These include a mix of products from well-known brands as well as high-quality PENNY own brands such as ‘ECHT BIO!’, loyalty points from the PENNY Dinobande and jö benefits such as 10x Ös on all purchases. Jö members can even try their luck twice a day if their first attempt doesn't work, giving them double the chance of winning. At the end of the competition, all participants will be entered into the prize draw for the main prize.

And this is how it works: In the PENNY Supaaa! Kick. competition, a football goal with a target is displayed on the screen. The football can be kicked at the target. If the target is hit, the football spins and the player is told whether 1 piece of the product shown, a jö advantage or loyalty points have been won. Points are collected per game for the next level. The prizes are displayed in the prize overview and can be redeemed in all Austrian PENNY shops. The main prize will make the hearts of barbecue masters beat faster: a 500 euro PENNY voucher card for their own barbecue party.

"Throughout the year, PENNY puts customers at the centre of everything we do, which is underlined by our extensive range of great own brands and well-known branded products at unbeatable prices. For this year's football season, we also want to offer our customers great fun in the PENNY APP. I wish everyone who takes part the best of luck and hope they enjoy the game,’ says Kai Pataky, Managing Director of PENNY Austria.

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