Press Release 8th July 2024

Ja! Natürlich presents a Special Design Edition in cooperation with artist Nanna Prieler to mark its 30th anniversary

To mark its 30th anniversary, Ja! Natürlich is presenting a special design edition. Austrian artist Nanna Prieler has created an exclusive anniversary design in pattern style for 30 of the brand's products. The selection of 30 products in the anniversary design exemplifies the accomplishments of Ja! Natürlich's achievements in the areas of animal welfare, climate protection, biodiversity and the preservation of healthy soils.

Klaudia Atzmüller (Managing Director of Ja! Natürlich) with products in the anniversary design

Klaudia Atzmüller (Managing Director of Ja! Natürlich) with products in the anniversary design / Copyright: Ja! Natürlich/Christian Dusek, Reproduction for PR purposes free of charge


30 years of Ja! Natürlich Special Design Edition x Nanna Prieler

Nanna Prieler is just like Ja! Natürlich is a child of the 90s. The freelance artist and illustrator, who lives in Vienna and Bilbao, is known for her colorful and detailed illustrations. The Serafina Children's Book Award-winning artist and student in the Digital Art class at the University of Applied Arts Vienna describes herself as "addicted to colors". For the Ja! Natürlich 30th anniversary edition, she has designed patterns that perfectly reflect the philosophy and values of Ja! Natürlich. "In my art, I try not to lose the naivety and to stylize all the individual elements to their interesting form. The drawings are then rendered in the colors of the rainbow. What I enjoy most as a subject - and probably also in life - is food! That's why I'm incredibly happy to be part of this project. It was a wonderful experience to work with Ja! Natürlich and the whole team on this special edition," says Nanna Prieler. Klaudia Atzmüller, Managing Director of Ja! Natürlich is also delighted with the successful cooperation in the anniversary year: "The collaboration with Nanna Prieler for our 30th anniversary edition is a perfect fit. The synergies between her art and our values complement each other and it is a pleasure to see these beautiful designs gradually finding their way onto the shelves."

Organic pioneer for 30 years

Since its foundation in 1994, Ja! Natürlich has continuously focused on sustainability and the highest organic standards, revolutionizing the Austrian food trade and paving the way for more sustainable, responsible organic food production in Austria. It all began with 30 products, but the Austrian organic pioneer has now expanded its product range to 1,100 products and achieved numerous milestones.

Ja! Natürlich celebrates milestones in 30 years of organic history with anniversary design

1994: Foundation - start with dairy products

The Ja! Natürlich milk of today is no longer comparable to that of 1994 - a great deal has been further developed, from stricter animal welfare criteria such as year-round, round-the-clock free-range production, to more sustainable packaging materials such as the brownboard carton or the reusable milk bottle, to improved storage and cooling options. This milestone will be celebrated by the Ja! Natürlich organic natural yoghurt in the anniversary design symbolizes this milestone.

2001: Free-range pigs

Together with around a dozen local organic pig farmers and scientific support from BOKU, Ja! Natürlich launched a showcase project for species-appropriate animal husbandry. The free-range pig project broke completely new ground in Austrian organic pig farming. Symbolized by Ja! Natürlich organic meatloaf in the anniversary design.

2007: Grain partnerships

Ja! Natürlich launched a partnership model for organic grain, with which the brand guaranteed sales, price and payment security for domestic organic farmers in Austria's traditional grain regions for the first time, even in turbulent times, with the help of 5-year contracts. Since then, organic farmers have been able to rely on stable purchase volumes and fair prices, providing planning security for everyone involved. Symbolized by Ja! Natürlich Organic Universal Wheat Flour in the anniversary design.

2011: Out of plastic

Ja! Natürlich was the first Austrian brand to tackle the issue of packaging, laying the foundation for an intensive debate and ongoing pioneering work in the field of sustainable packaging. To date, over 1,500 tons of plastic have already been saved. The focus is on reducing the use of plastic and thus the raw material crude oil. Symbolized by the packaging of the Ja! Natürlich organic vine tomatoes in the anniversary design.

2016: Ja! Natürlich puts an end to chick killing

It was also common practice in the organic sector to kill male chicks that do not lay eggs immediately after hatching. Ja! Natürlich set out to end this cruelty in 2005. An extremely complex pioneering project that could only be implemented step by step with committed partners, intensive research work and perseverance. What began as a pioneering project is now a solution for the entire industry. Symbolized by the Ja! Natürlich organic egg packaging in the anniversary design.

2018: Palm oil free

With over 1,100 products, the entire Ja! Natürlich range has not only been organic since 2018, but also 100% palm oil-free. This made Ja! Natürlich the first brand to offer a completely palm oil-free organic range in the supermarket. The few products that were previously produced with palm oil have been revised, such as the Ja! Natürlich nougat cream, which symbolizes this step in its new anniversary design.

2019: Ban on tethering

After almost 10 years of preparation in intensive cooperation between Ja! Natürlich and the domestic organic farming industry, Ja! Natürlich farmers are taking another step beyond the legal minimum standard when it comes to animal welfare. No more cows are tethered. They must also be allowed to roam 365 days a year - around the clock. This is unique in Austria and is distinguished by the highest milk standard, recognizable by the green cow. This milestone is achieved by the Ja! Natürlich organic hay flower milk in the anniversary design symbolizes this milestone.

All products in the anniversary design are available at BILLA Plus and in selected BILLA, ADEG and Sutterlütty stores.