Press Release 12th June 2024

Life is a PENNY farm: 20 suppliers from 6 regions for constantly freshly harvested fruit and vegetables

On 16 June, the focus is on seasonal vegetables, because on "Fresh Vegetable Day", people are encouraged to harvest their own garden or stock up on fresh, regional produce at the supermarket. At PENNY, the motto is "Life is a PENNY farm" - 365 days a year. Under this motto, the brand discounter is focussing on its local suppliers. 20 suppliers* from six federal states supply PENNY with fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. This includes GEO vegetable producer organisation Eastern Austria. Currently fresh on the shelves: "I am Austria" - premium cherry tomatoes, peppers and cucumbers. Incidentally, tomatoes are the Austrians' favourite vegetable. The favourite fruit is the apple. In 2023, Austrians ate an average of around 200 kilograms of fruit and vegetables per person (source: Statista). Could it get any fresher? Yes, because: Every 120 minutes, the fruit and vegetable section is checked for complete freshness by the specially appointed freshness heroes. In 2023, the brand discounter's customers were able to enjoy over 20,000 tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables thanks to this high quality standard.

Patrick Haider at work

Patrick Haider at work / Copyright: © PENNY / Robert Harson, Reproduction for PR purposes free of charge


With the PENNYhof campaign, the brand discounter wants to create more transparency and present its regional suppliers. For both the "Ich bin Österreich" and the "Echt Bio" products, PENNY is cooperating with a total of 20 regional suppliers from six federal states. Maximum freshness and top quality are guaranteed by the almost daily regional product deliveries. If available, PENNY sources its fruit and vegetables from Austria. For example, PENNY customers can only find apples from Austria on the shelves all year round. The company deliberately avoids flying fruit. This not only helps to transport fresh fruit and vegetables to the shops, but also reduces the emissions caused.

"Our long-standing partnerships with suppliers are the foundation on which we build trust and respect so that together we can offer a more regional, sustainable and seasonal range. Together, we find ways that are not only ecologically but also socially and economically sustainable and thus shape a future in which responsible behaviour and economic success go hand in hand," says Kai Pataky, PENNY Managing Director Austria.

Long-standing partnerships with sustainability

Since PENNY was founded (last year PENNY celebrated its 20th anniversary), GEO vegetable producer organisation Ostösterreich has been supplying fresh produce on a daily basis, making up a significant part of the fresh produce range. Peppers, lettuce, young onions and a wide variety of tomatoes are supplied. There are also fresh radishes and kohlrabi.

"All of our organic vegetables are regional, sun-ripened and aromatic in flavour. In addition, the products are accompanied by our quality management from the selection of the seeds or plants through to delivery - you can taste that in the end," says Patrick Haider, member of the supervisory board of the GEO vegetable producer organisation for Eastern Austria and master horticulturist.

The freshness check in the shops

At PENNY, nothing is left to chance. With the unique freshness check, which takes place every two hours in the stores, the team ensures that only the best products end up on the shelves. The PENNY Freshness Heroes symbolise freshness and quality. Recognisable by their green aprons, they ensure a constant supply of fresh fruit and vegetables.

Natural, sustainable and fresh

But that's not all. With REWE's own brand "Wunderlinge", PENNY offers an innovative solution for reducing food waste. By offering fruit and vegetables that are not usually sold due to their unconventional shape or size, PENNY contributes to the appreciation of natural diversity. The new PENNY Retter Sackerl also ensure even more sustainability, as as much fresh food as possible that can still be kept is saved.

* Statistics on fruit and vegetables in Austria -

* 20 suppliers and approx. 800 fruit & vegetable producers/farmers